spring [spriŋ]
sprang or sprung, sprung, springing [ME springen < OE springan, akin to Du & Ger springen < IE * sprenĝh-, to move quickly (< base * sper-, to jerk) > Sans sphayati, (he) strives for]
1. to move suddenly and rapidly; specif.,
a) to move upward or forward from the ground, etc. by suddenly contracting the muscles; leap; bound; also, to make a series of such leaps
b) to rise suddenly and quickly from or as from a sitting or lying position [to spring to one's feet]
c) to come, appear, etc. suddenly and quickly [curses springing to his lips]
d) to move as a result of resilience; bounce
2. to come or arise as from some source; specif.,
a) to grow or develop [the plant springs from a seed]
b) to come into existence, usually quickly [towns sprang up]
c) to be descended
d) Archaic to begin to appear, as day; dawn
3. to become warped, bent, split, loose, etc. [the door has sprung]
4. to rise up above surrounding objects; tower [a steeple springing high above the town ]
5. Informal to bear the cost for someone else; treat (with for)
6. Archit. to rise from the impost with an outward curve: In many senses of the vi., spring is often followed by up
1. to cause to leap or come forth suddenly [to spring a covey of quail]
2. Rare to leap over; vault
3. to cause to close or snap shut, as by a spring [to spring a trap]
a) to cause to warp, bend, strain, split, etc., as by force
b) to stretch (a spring, etc.) beyond the point where it will spring back fully
5. to explode (a military mine)
6. to make known or cause to appear suddenly or unexpectedly [to spring a surprise]
7. [< SPRING the n., sense 3] to equip with springs
8. Slang to get (someone) released from jail or custody, as by paying bail
[ME & OE springe]
1. the act or an instance of springing; specif.,
a) a jump or leap forward or upward, or the distance covered by this
b) a sudden darting or flying back
c) the quality of elasticity; resilience
d) energy or vigor, as in one's walk
e) a device, as a coil of wire, that returns to its original form after being forced out of shape: springs are used to absorb shock, and as the motive power in clocks and similar mechanisms
f) a bedspring or box spring usually used in pl.
g) a flow of water from the ground, often a source of a stream, pond, etc.
h) any source, origin, or motive
i) that season of the year in which plants begin to grow after lying dormant all winter: in the North Temperate Zone, generally regarded as including the months of March, April, and May: in the astronomical year, that period between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice
j) any period of beginning or newness
2. Scot. a lively song or dance
3. Archit. the line or plane in which an arch or vault rises from its impost
4. Naut. a split or break in a mast or spar
1. of, for, appearing in, or planted in the spring
2. of or acting like a spring; elastic; resilient
3. having, or supported on, a spring or springs [a spring mattress]
4. coming from a spring [spring water]
spring a leak
☆ to begin to leak suddenly

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